Friday, 3 July 2015

Utilizing unwanted yarn - Knit book sleeve

Around a year ago I purchased some blue acrylic yarn with the intention to make a poncho. Halfway through the project, I realized that it was going to be something which I would never put on. The colour is just too strong and the texture is too rough and scratchy. Ultimately, I gave up on that project. 

Just the other day, while I was tidying up my yarn stash, I came across these few balls of blue yarn and was wondering how I could utilize it. I could probably use them to make:
  • basket
  • amigurumi
  • floor mat
  • book cover
I decided to try creating my own book cover using this yarn. This will serve as a good interval project after my latest fair-isle sweater project which I will blog about soon. 

I tried to keep this pattern as simple as possible, using stockinette stitch for both front and back.

Cable stitch for the mid section.

One ridge of garter stitch along the edges.

When I was done with the knitting part, I folded both front and back into half.

Lastly, I sewed the inner stitches along the edges using whipstitch.

Below is the finished piece. 

I'm rather happy with the result. 

Till next time, have a good weekend!


  1. With these covers I'm sure it makes ur reading ultra comfortable