Thursday, 26 February 2015

Popcorn stitch flower and sunburst granny square cushion cover

For the past two weeks, I have been working on granny squares (popcorn stitch flowers, solid granny squares, sunburst granny squares). I had wanted to turn the pieces into cushion cover. So I made the front piece with popcorn stitch flowers. As for the back piece, I combined both sunburst and solid granny squares.

Front piece
Initial back piece with solid granny squares ('X')

I looked up on different granny squares joining methods on YouTube and this tutorial caught my eye. Most people call this joining method the 'flat-braid' join. Although this joining method is really pretty, you have to keep removing your loop from your hook while joining. Just when I was ready to join both front and back pieces together, I realized that the back piece was much bigger than the front. I tried to think of a solution but eventually did a major clean-up, i.e. to remove the joining stitches, replace the solid granny squares with new sunburst granny squares and re-do the background stitches for the sunburst granny squares. Sounds really stupid and a waste of effort indeed. But I could not think of any other better ways than this. Well, hopefully, I will be smarter in future. I am glad that this project has come to a closure. Here is the final product:

Front cover
Back cover
Close-up view on popcorn stitch flower 
Close-up view on sunburst granny square
Attached buttons in one of the loops from flat-braid join

I joined the front and back pieces by doing:

1) a single crochet (sc) on the chain 3 space 
2) chain 3 (ch 3)

along the edges of the flat-braid joins. For the edging, I added pom pom edging to give it a cheerful look. This tutorial gives a good explanation on how to go about doing it.

Yay, time for a new project...

Friday, 6 February 2015

Milena's 2nd birthday!

Milena turns 2 years old today. When she woke up this morning, she was thrilled to see birthday buntings and balloons hanging on the wall. She went: "ba-roon ba-roon…A A A (referring to the alphabets on the buntings)!". She was happy to see daddy at home today with us. Of course, she was definitely excited when she got her balloons. In total, she burst two balloons. Each time a balloon burst, Milena just stood there for a few seconds and didn't seem to be afraid at all.

Sweater knitted by me last year

Around noon, we sang birthday song to her and had the cake cut. Milena was so excited when she saw the cake: "Cake cake cake!". She couldn't wait to get her piece of cake. For her birthday, I made a strawberry and peach Japanese shortcake (or sponge cake). For the cake filling in between the two pieces:

1) I spread a layer of home-made strawberry puree
2) Then I added strawberry + peach pieces
3) Spread the whipped cream on top to cover the fruit pieces

This is my 2nd attempt baking sponge cake and my first attempt making the filling and decorating the cake. I wasn't confident about the taste at all. To my surprise, it turns out to be so yummy! Milena loves it a lot that she kept asking us to give her more. This sponge cake has a light texture and the overall sweetness is just right. I was glad to have included peach too as the cake filling as it gives a fresh taste together with the strawberry pieces. Seeing Milena's happy face makes me happy too.

Taste so gooddd…

My husband decided to keep half of the cake for his family when they visit us tomorrow. Hmm, I hope they won't mind not having a complete cake.

In the early afternoon, I went running while my husband and Milena cycled next to me at the park. The sun was shining bright today despite the coldddd weather. Such a lovely day.

Around 3, the postman arrived with a big package. It's a loopfiets(push-bike) for Milena from papa! Milena had difficulty balancing herself on the push-bike, partly due to the weight of it. Well, she cried a little when she accidentally hit herself when she lost her balance, but got over it quickly.

For dinner, my husband made pancakes. After having the first piece, I didn't feel like eating anymore. I was craving for stir-fry Chinese food. Miss home. Well, I have had a simple yet wonderful day with my little family. That's enough for now :)

Monday, 2 February 2015


I am glad that I am finally done with my blue sweater/cardigan project. This is one of the least satisfying projects so far. The more I look at the colour of my yarn, the more I regretted buying them in the first place. Previously, I have used this yarn for two sweater projects but I pulled out the yarn twice, knowing that I wouldn't wear them after all. Here's the final look of my cardigan:

This pattern is taken from Berroco website named Aidez. Although I do not like the colour of my sweater and the chunky feeling, it was rather nice knitting the pattern (rather than knitting stocking stitch all the time).

Both Front & Sleeves: Ear of Corn Pattern & Seed Wishbone Patterns

Back: Cable & Trellis Patterns
Anyway, I can now move on to crocheting granny squares. I am using leftover yarn from the watermelon birthday bunting project. At this moment, I have made 3 types of granny squares:

  1. solid granny square
  2. sunburst granny square
  3. popcorn flower granny square

I am thinking of turning them into a cushion cover. I think the colour combination is suitable for my couch (see background colour in above photo).

My little daughter will be turning 2 this Friday. We will hang up the buntings and post some photos soon.