Monday, 2 February 2015


I am glad that I am finally done with my blue sweater/cardigan project. This is one of the least satisfying projects so far. The more I look at the colour of my yarn, the more I regretted buying them in the first place. Previously, I have used this yarn for two sweater projects but I pulled out the yarn twice, knowing that I wouldn't wear them after all. Here's the final look of my cardigan:

This pattern is taken from Berroco website named Aidez. Although I do not like the colour of my sweater and the chunky feeling, it was rather nice knitting the pattern (rather than knitting stocking stitch all the time).

Both Front & Sleeves: Ear of Corn Pattern & Seed Wishbone Patterns

Back: Cable & Trellis Patterns
Anyway, I can now move on to crocheting granny squares. I am using leftover yarn from the watermelon birthday bunting project. At this moment, I have made 3 types of granny squares:

  1. solid granny square
  2. sunburst granny square
  3. popcorn flower granny square

I am thinking of turning them into a cushion cover. I think the colour combination is suitable for my couch (see background colour in above photo).

My little daughter will be turning 2 this Friday. We will hang up the buntings and post some photos soon.


  1. The sleeves pattern are unique. Didnt see before. Must be pretty tough to squeeze time doing all these for Milena. I think besides doing a cushion cover, are u able to frame ur up in ikea frames? Then become a wall decorative