Thursday, 11 December 2014

Multitasking on a few projects

Jacket knitting

I mentioned that I was disappointed with the blue sweater and that I had decided to remove the yarn for another new jacket pattern from Garnstudio. At the moment, I have completed the back and left front pieces. This pattern recommends using size 8 needle which I do not have. With my existing size 7 needle, I knitted a gauge swatch and concluded that I should upgrade my size to M with size 7 needle. As for lengthwise, I will just stick to the indications for size S. It turns out to be fine.

Left front piece and back piece

Double moss stitches

Mini snowman ornament

In addition, I have added a new member to my humble Christmas tree - My mini snowman. I enjoyed the process of crocheting this tiny little thing. This is a free crochet pattern from Grietjekarwietje. I kind of like my snowman except for its nose. I think it is a little too big. :(

Mini snowman with a funny nose

Crochet Heart Bunting

Since my little daughter is turning 2 in less than 2 months' time, I thought of putting up some decorations 
 her birthday. I googled around and found this cute heart bunting tutorial from HappyBerry Crochet. I love her tutorials as she is quite clear in explaining the steps. 

Many more hearts to come

Nowadays, I face the challenge of dealing with Milena's tantrums. Needless to say, she is obviously entering the terrible twos stage. I started preparing this mega-size butternut squash curry a few hours before dinner, which I think is quite delicious. 

The moment she sat down for dinner, she started throwing tantrums and demanded for breast-milk. Her father punished her by putting her in the hallway a few times. This did not stop her from crying. In the end, she skipped dinner and was not allowed to have her dessert. During shower time, she started another episode of outburst again. She refused to go in to the shower with her father and kept clinging on to me. If only I could understand why she can suddenly get so upset. 

I shall stop here for now. I am tired but let me continue with my knitting before I go to bed :)

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas tree ornaments

Today, Milena turns 22 months. In 2 months' time, she will turn 2 years old. Sometimes, I can't believe how fast time has passed by. It seems like I was pregnant not too long ago and now, she's already talking and jumping everywhere. This journey hasn't been easy for me. I felt like I have grown up so much in the past few years. Right now, she can almost repeat what I say: "ELLO…I N MI-MEI-MA..." She has learnt to clear up her mess when I tell her to. She can also identify items from her picture books when being asked.

Last week, I finished knitting my quick and easy sweater but it turned out to be very disappointing. The armholes were too big for me. I don't think my sister would wear it even if I were to give it to her. Ultimately, I had decided to remove the stitches and recycle the yarn for another pattern. I had to put a halt to this project, as my husband has gotten a small Christmas tree and I was responsible for the decorations. So for the past few days, I had been busy with making mini Christmas ornaments. Here's what I have made.

I got all the patterns from YouTube and other craft-blogs. My favourite ornament(s) would be the mini stocking…and the Christmas bells.

Below are the links to the patterns:

Christmas wreath ring
I have also made a snowflake and have applied glue to stiffen it.

Here, I am using my stiffened snowflake as a coaster for my candle jar:

I reckoned that I would not be able to finish making all the ornaments myself. Thus, I got the rest of the ornaments from the stores. Now presenting my first Christmas tree...


It may not be a beautifully decorated Christmas tree to others but it is good enough for my humble small apartment.