Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Crochet flower blanket

This is my first crocheted blanket and I'm rather satisfied with the end result.

I learnt to make this flower from RoseHip's blog.

Initially, I didn't think of making this blanket. I just had the itch to crochet some flower (squares) with the leftover yarn from my popcorn stitch flower and sunburst granny square cushion cover project. Then I got addicted to it and started to buy more yarn to make flower squares of different colour-combinations. Honestly, I have lost count of the number of yarn-balls I have used in total. Here are some details of my blanket:

Yarn :: 7 colours of Zeeman Royal and Melange, using a 4mm hook
Material :: 100% acrylic
Weight :: Lighter than a kilo? Not quite sure.
Total number of granny squares :: 9 x 13 (5 rounds each. For flower squares, 3 rounds each)
Measurement :: 125 x 180cm

The length fits my 3 seater Ikea couch pretty well. I'm now snuggled up in my new blanket as I'm typing this blog entry on my couch. :) Home-made stuff = homely, cozy feel.

Here are some of the photos I took while working on my blanket:

Join-as-you-go method

9 x 13 granny square in total

I was looking forward to crocheting the edging of the blanket as it means I get to choose the right colours and experiment on the right kind of finish to complete the blanket. After experimenting for a while, this was what I decided for my edging:

  1. Make 3 double crochet(3dc) and chain-1(ch1) with the colour I desire. 
  2. On the next row (white), make a single crochet(sc) in the ch1 space of the previous row, then ch3
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 as many times as I want.
  4. Sc into the previous row of ch1 space to prepare for the bobble stitch edging.
  5. Make bobble stitch and slip stitch (sl) through the back loop of step 5. (sl through the back loop creates a more edgy feel and also helps to avoid curling. For my case I did a bobble stitch after every 2 groups of 3dc).

To make a bobble stitch, 

1. First, I make a sl stitch through the back of the sc loop.

2.  Yarn over (yo), slip the hook into the back loop and pull through the loop. (3 loops on hook)

3. YO and pull through the first 2 loops on the hook. (2 loops on hook)

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 two more times until I have 4 loops on the hook.

5. Pull through all 4 loops.

6. Sl stitch into the same back loop to 'close' the bobble stitch.

7. Now I have completed a bobble.

I think the time duration for this project is about a month. I was mostly working on this project in the evenings after my daughter has gone to bed. I'm a happy person now :)