Saturday, 30 May 2015

"Delightful waves" shawl

It has been slightly more than a month since my last blog. This has been a busy month full of house viewing appointments, celebrations etc. Today, we have celebrated my mil's birthday which falls on 1st June. For her birthday, I made her a shawl from garnstudio with pattern and stripes Knowing that she likes turquoise and green (kind of) colour combinations, therefore, I tried to choose yarn colors that are close to her likings as shown below.

Look how beautiful these colours are. The colour combinations remind me of male peacocks.

I started on this project one day after my birthday, that is on the 16th May. Since then, I have been burning midnight oil in order to meet the deadline. Making mistakes and removing and repairing stitches late at night can be rather frustrating, especially when you are already very tired after a long day. Well, I am glad I did not give up on this project.

So, here is the finished product. Sorry for the bad lighting.

I love how the light shines through the little holes from the shawl.

I did not have much time to include the blocking process but I guess it is not a big deal as it doesn't really crumple that much, judging from the photos.

Finally, the front view.

Below provides a summary of this project:

Pattern :: Delightful waves by Drops Design
Yarn :: Drops Delight, Shade code 09 and 16
Balls used :: 4 x 50g
Cost :: 8 euro (2 euro/ball after sale discount)
Level of difficulty :: Intermediate (based on my own judgement)
Duration of project :: Almost half a month

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with how the colours turned out to be. I was expecting more shades of brighter colours, such as green and turquoise. It seemed to me that there is more coverage of darker shades of purple and blue. Well, it came as a relief to me when my mother told me that she liked it a lot. I really hope so.

I shall blog about my crochet mandalas soon..till then…have a good weekend.

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