Friday, 3 July 2015

Fair-isle knitting - Jumper

This is actually a delayed post for my fair-isle jumper project. I started on this project in early May but had to pause for a while, as I had to hurry to complete the shawl project for my mother-in-law's birthday. The pattern can be found here.

When I was browsing through DROPS Spring and Summer Collection 2015, this jumper caught my attention right away. I simply love the colour combination, the casual look and the pattern. So I ordered the yarn without much hesitation.

I ordered 1 extra ball from Wolplein on top of the indicated number of yarn balls needed on the website. I have learnt from my past experiences to order at least 1 extra ball in order to avoid yarn shortage situations. Cotton Merino has a very soft touch, consisting of 50% wool and 50% cotton.

The colour denim blue is simply amazing.

This jumper was knitted using knit-in-the-round method.

I had to frog and modify the the sleeves two times as I wasn't satisfied with the baggy look of the sleeves while the body piece is just fitting. :(

Here's the final result:

I'm definitely getting better at catching floats, as compared to my past fair-isle knitting projects.

Here's a summary of this project:

Pattern :: Delphos by DROPS Design
Yarn :: Drops Cotton Merino, colour number 01 and 16
Balls used :: 9 x 50g
Cost :: 28.50 euro
Level of difficulty :: Intermediate
Duration of project :: 1 month

For now, it will stay in my closet till autumn arrives.

Happy weekend!


  1. Love this design. And. It's good u are able to modify the sleeves!

    1. I should have done the measurements in the first place lol.

  2. Hermoso diseño!! Saludos Veracruz México