Tuesday, 25 November 2014

X'mas is approaching…candle jar cozies...

X'mas is around the corner. It came across my mind if I should get a Christmas tree and create my own ornaments for the tree. Although I would love to do that, space is a issue. Moreover, I'm sure that my little girl would destroy it. From next week onwards, all my weekends in Dec will be filled with family gatherings and celebrations from my husband's side. I'm not kind of looking forward to the celebrations 'cos I don't have much topics to share with others.  I spent last Christmas and New Year in Singapore. There was so much fun and laughters with my family and friends. I miss them so much, especially Domdom. Milena was 10 months old back then and she was learning to walk. 

X'mas Day 2013. Milena with uncle Dom and me.
I remember that we had dinner at Swensen's after the swim. Time flies.
Since last week, I've been busy with crocheting and knitting my own candle jar cozies. These jar cozies have definitely helped to brighten up the atmosphere at home.

Knitting lace pattern
1st jar cozy completed. Though I'm not that pleased with my ribbon
Mini crochet jar cozy
Another version of crochet jar cozy
Love the shadows they cast on my wall

I'm currently making a 4th one. I will be giving away two of the jars to my husband's grandma for her upcoming birthday.

Yesterday (24th Nov) was my father's 59th birthday. I haven't seen him for 6 years. Last night, when I was lying on my bed, I thought about the past unhappiness since childhood. I can still remember everything..including the old furnitures that we had at home. What has happened in the past cannot be changed. I shall focus my energy on creating a happy environment for my little girl.

Milena posing for the camera, still able to fit in the sweater I made for her last year
Milena in her cool shades

She's 21 months old and is such a funny girl. Got to go..bye for now!


  1. I'm sure Milly has happy childhood now! The jar cozy are beautiful. I also like to kit candles.

  2. Thanks Domdom! I still owe u the minion jar cozy!

    1. Its okay :). That one do when u are ultra free