Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Quick and easy sweater

Recently Zeeman introduced their new yarn Marl Wool, which consists 50% acrylic and 50% wool. It is a pretty thick wool and the ideal needle size to use is 7 or 8mm. At this moment there are 6 different types of Marl Wool. Each type consists of a mixture of colours. I find the colour mixture rather unique and refreshing.

When I came across a photo of a sweater on 'Libelle' magazine, I thought maybe I could try knitting it using Marl Wool.  So I went down to the nearby Zeeman store and got myself a 'safer' colour - BLUE. The pattern recommends knitting 2 threads of Phildar Phil Randonnees simultaneously with size 6 and 7mm needles. But I think I'll be fine with my choice.

This sweater is very easily to knit. I would say it's for beginner's level (using stockinette stitch and 2x2 ribbing for the collar).

WIP - sweater

I estimated that I need a total of 9 balls for the sweater

It seems like I have quite a few pending projects on hand now. This is bad. I should resist all the temptations and get the current ones done first.

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