Thursday, 13 November 2014

New projects!

Hello there…

Yesterday I blogged about the 'Sir Lancelot' jumper I have made for my husband. I had intended to give it to him for his birthday in December. However, he has already worn it out to his work while I was still in my dreams. Ah well, I guess it doesn't make much difference giving it to him earlier or on the actual day itself?

The country where I come from, Singapore, is well-known for its hectic lifestyle. The pace of living is so fast that one might find it hard to give presents from your own creations. In other words, many Singaporeans just don't have the TIME to learn and create something that is (too) time-consuming.

I was a former software engineer and had been in the IT field for a decade. Throughout my past working experience, it was normal for me to work at least 50 hours a week, excluding weekends. Over the weekends, I often had to work either from home or at the office. Work was so demanding that I had a few breakdowns and wondered to myself if I could ever do the things that I really enjoy doing.

When I moved to The Netherlands in 2009, I learned to pick up knitting and crocheting from Youtube. I noticed people over here have more freedom and space to pursue their interests. When my friends got to know about it, I heard people constantly telling me that I'm like a 'granny' or 'elderly lady'. Despite the teasing and negative remarks, I continued to knit and crochet till today. For the knitters and crocheters out there, you will agree with my opinions about knitting/crocheting:

1) It is therapeutic and meditative.
2) It is addictive.
3) It gives you a sense of satisfaction to see your own creation.
4) It feels great to wear/use your creation than to buy from the store.

Hopefully one day, I can learn to design my own sweater. :)

Before I was done with the 'Sir Lancelot' jumper, I had already ordered new yarn for my upcoming projects from ( This is the 3rd time I have made my orders from this online store. They are really efficient in their delivery. Make your orders today and you will expect your orders to arrive within the next 2 days (within Netherlands).

Delivered items from Happiness.

Now, I can't wait to start on my new project: A feminine summer top with lace pattern and round yoke!!! 

I'm using DROPS PARIS, color code 61: LIGHT PEACH. The yarn is made of 100% cotton and has a non-glossy surface.

Doing cast-ons along the waist-area for my top

I'm also concurrently working on my mollie flowers/puff-stitch flowers. I have started making these puffy flowers since mid-spring but somehow I stopped for a while and went to work on other projects.

Making 12 single-crochets around a magic ring.

My mollie flowers in multi-colors

 Well, I had been wondering what I could make out of my mollie flowers. Probably a cushion cover?

Mollie flowers as a cushion cover?

I'm not even halfway through. :">

Perhaps, you will wonder why I didn't want to stick to just a few colors. Well, the reason is because I have accumulated a basketful of colorful yarn-balls which I didn't want to put to waste.

My homemade basketful of colorful yarn

There was a period when the famous cheap textile store in Netherlands, Zeeman, introduced a new variety of colors for their yarn Supersoft, which is suitable for making baby knitwear. It's really affordable and cheap. How can I resist it? :))

Zeeman Supersoft yarn @ 79 eurocent

Ok, bye for now. May I have sweet dream(s) tonight. \(^_^)/~