Thursday, 12 March 2015

Knitted DROPS top with lace pattern and round yoke

Have been feeling rather down and uninspired these days. I feel kind of lost in my direction. Looking after your child without your family around is really tough, especially when your child is beginning to become really hyperactive and when you have to deal with her tantrums all the time. Past few days I had a series of breakdowns. I miss the old days when I was single and carefree. I had so much energy and drive in pursuing what I wanted to do and learn. Now, the only free time I have is in the evening. My brains are already quite dead in the evenings. I can hardly push myself to learn anything except to knit/crochet.

I'm done with my lace pattern summer blouse. Blogged about this project on 13 November. Somehow, I don't know why but I paused this project for a while. I have to say that this is one of the easiest knit projects for me so far. Definitely easier than knitting a sweater. I'm using DROPS PARIS, color code 61: LIGHT PEACH. The yarn is made of 100% cotton and has a non-glossy surface. It's super soft and comfortable. 

For this project, 8 balls of yarn (50g each) were needed instead of the indicated 350g in the pattern instructions for size S. 

I'm currently trying to finish up a new cushion cover using my 100% acrylic yarn from zeeman. I'm trying to clear up some of the leftover yarn as they seem to be accumulating overtime. Will blog about it soon. zzzzzz.


  1. Amazing sis. Not because u are my sis then i praise u. Hahah im sure lots of ppl had no patience to do all these. And no skills too. Good work. We all will find our world soon

    1. thanks dom! best brother ever! let's stay focused :)