Sunday, 29 March 2015

Cushion cover and basket

I finished crocheting my mini granny squares cushion cover two weeks ago but I have been procrastinating about posting pictures of it.

64 mini squares
Joining the squares by sc the outer loops from the wrong side
Wrong side view while joining squares 
Front view

Back of cushion cover

I decided to create a big granny square for the back cover using the 8 existing colours from the mini squares and it turned out to be satisfactory. For the edging, I tried to keep it simple. First I did a sc into every space of the dc around the edges. Then, I joined the front and back cover by sc the inner loop of the sc of both pieces.

The button loops are created by doing a ch 2 and skipping one sc from the previous round, and then continue with your sc around the edges.

My home-made cushion covers

I have also made a basket for Milena for storing her toys. This was a quick project and it took me less than a day to make it.

Milena started attending peuterschool since 2 weeks ago. Since last Thursday, she is down with viral infection from school and is still feeling miserable and cranky. As for me, I am still having difficulties adjusting to the change in my sleeping hours. I have to get up at 6 a.m. to prepare for her school. Milena doesn't cry when I have to leave her, even on her first day of school. She doesn't look like she has enjoyed school when I pick her up. You just can't tell much from her face. Once she has reached home, she's back to her normal self.

This week, I am rather emotional. Our father of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, passed away on 23 March at 3.18am, at the age of 91. I have always had deep respect for Lee Kuan Yew since I was a child.  Without him, Singapore would not have survived. It was him who led us from a third-world country to one of the most prosperous nations in the world. His passing has a big impact on me and our fellow Singaporeans. Rest in peace, father of Singapore. Your legacy and spirit will continue. You will always be in our heart.


  1. How come my comment wasn't shown.. nn the cushion covers are really nice. And pretty. Very colorful. The squares are all uniform. What project u are doing now

    1. nn thank u :D i'm currently working on my granny square blanket and sweater.